The Navy's Black Admirals     NASA's Black Astronauts       Blacks in Aviation

Topics: Visionary leadership, Success, Patriotism, Courage , Sacrifice, Achievement, High-Ranking Women, The American Dream, Competition, Precision, Youth Empowerment

Commander Jackson’s Speaker & Exhibit Series features men and women who have displayed extraordinary vision, courage, and sacrifice.

They had a vision of broader opportunities for all people. They wanted to make sure that life was a little bit easier for others, improving their quality of life.

Courage to do the “hard right” thing, rather the “easy wrong” thing. They took on high visibility jobs, knowing that they would face skepticism in their abilities by others.

They sought demanding technical jobs that required years of education and training. They accepted assignments at distant posts around the world, risking their estrangement from the larger black community, whose plight they attempted to nobly advance.

The Navy’s Black Admirals
NASA’s Black Astronauts
Blacks in Aviation


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