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“On behalf of the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center and the U.S. Naval Academy, thank you for providing such an excellent exhibit and presentations for our Black History Month plus March program. The feedback from press and public was, and still is, more than we anticipated for a first year program.

Not only was the exhibit Super Stars: The Navy’s Black Admirals well produced, educational, and interesting, it carried the Navy/Naval Academy theme we try to emphasize in all our exhibits and special events. It and our series of timelines about African Americans in the American Navy and at the Naval Academy in relationship to American History and Civil Rights History, and the display on Blacks in Sports and Space, really complimented each other.”

—Mianna S. Jopp
Manager, Information & Guide Services
United States Naval Academy

“Thank you so very much for addressing our students, faculty, and guests during our Black History Month Celebrations. It was a great pleasure to have a distinguished professional, such as yourself, converse with our constituents for this very worthwhile occasion.

Your presentation was beneficial to everyone in attendance. Many of the participants have expressed how enlightening and enjoyable your presentation was.

We, the staff of the Office of Minority Affairs, will never be able to express our full gratitude to you. Again, many thanks and best wishes for the future.”

—Barry Amos, Assistant Director
Office of Minority Affairs
The Community College of Baltimore County


“Cmdr. Jackson’s [Soaring Above Setbacks] exhibit shows that persistence can make a dream a reality.”

“Cmdr. Jackson has made it his business to track milestones and put them into context for young people. (...) the officers’ stories will serve as an inspiration for young people of any race.”

—The Capital

“The Navy’s Black Admirals, which includes framed pictures and biographies, packs a wallop far beyond its unpretentious size (...). It’s hard to imagine that anyone who cares even a smidgen about our country, its Navy, and black America’s legacy of achievement would not feel ennobled by these displays.”

—The Baltimore Sun

“The [Super Stars] exhibit highlights the careers of VADM Sam Gravely, USN Ret., and fourteen other African-American naval officers, whose rise to the rank of admiral can serve as a source of inspiration to all.”

—Sea Services Weekly

“The exhibit titled Soaring Above Setbacks (...) displays the 14 astronauts who faced and overcame struggles—from a near-arrest for trying to check out a book from the whites-only section in a public library to the discouragement of repeated NASA rejections. The exhibit faces thorny issues squarely—often pointing out racist attitudes that black astronauts faced in NASA’s early years.

The exhibit will turn the heads of [audiences] who think that blacks' only contributions have been on the stage and on the basketball court.”

—The Washington Post


Commander Jim Jackson U.S. Navy (Ret.) 1103 Riverboat Ct., Annapolis, MD 21409 410.279.5853