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The Navy's Black Admirals


The Navy's Black Admirals     NASA's Black Astronauts       Blacks in Aviation


The New Brigade Exhibit at the U.S. Naval Academy Museum

U.S. Naval Academy, Preble Hall, Annapolis, MD

Commander Jim Jackson provides an insider's perspective during this orientation lecture so visitors can get the most up-to-date information concerning Midshipman Wesley Brown, Admirals Paul Reason and Michelle Howard, and Astronaut and Marine Corps General Charles Bolden.

Wesley Brown photoAdmiral Paul Reason

Admiral Michelle HowardMarine Corps General Charles Bolden

The Tribute to African American Leadership in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps

Exhibit at the Pentagon, Washington, DC

"This exhibit was created to inform the public about the vital leadership roles African Americans held and currently hold within the Navy and the Marine Corps. These leaders represent the best of the Department of the Navy. African Americans have ascended to some of the highest ranking positions in the Department of the Navy.

The Golden 13 became the first African Americans commissioned as naval offices in 1944. Samuel L. Gravely was the first African American to achieve the rank of Admiral in 1971. Frank E. Petersen, Jr., was the first African American to become a Marine General in 1979. Since 1979, more than 40 African Americans have served in the Senior Executive Services.

Leadership Tribute photo
Leadership Tribute photo

These milestones helped pave the way for all African Americans. This exhibit commemorates those African Americans who have proudly served our country and highlights those leaders who have achieved the rank of Flag Officer, General Officer or Senior Executive." Content excerpt from the Department of the Navy website.

The Navy’s Black Admirals
NASA’s Black Astronauts
Blacks in Aviation


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