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The Navy's Black Admirals


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From the Hood to the Hill: A Story of Overcoming

by Barry C. Black, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy, Retired

Barry C. Black photograph

From the Hood to the Hill is Chaplain Black's story of overcoming unpromising beginnings in the ghettos of Baltimore. His travels through uncharted waters exemplify God's power for change. Read his story and discover how you, too, can move toward unprecedented satisfaction through a living faith in God.

From The Hood to the Hill: A Story of Overcoming

"Chaplain Barry Black embodies the best of the American Spirit and the Christian tradition-a man of great erudition who has never forgotten his humble roots; a man of great faith who remains open to all the wisdom of all people; a man of great seriousness who knows how to laugh. The Senate and the country are grateful for his service."






Trailblazer: The U.S. Navy's First Black Admiral

by Sam Gravely Jr., Retired Navy Admiral, with historian Paul Stillwell

Sam Gravely Jr.Trailblazer: The Navy's First Black Admiral

Trailblazer is an inspiring story about an exceptionally unique barrier-breaking and visionary gentleman, Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., USN.

It is a very humbling regular sailor’s account of triumph and growth in the face of adversity and of his awe inspiring legacy to our Nation and our U.S. Navy.





Navigating the Seven Seas

by Vice Admiral Mel Williams, Jr.

Vice Admiral Mel Williams

Two high-achieving African-Americans in the U.S. Navy share their leadership experiences over nearly sixty consecutive years of service.

navigating the seven seasMelvin G. Williams Sr. served in the Navy from 1951 to 1978 with a final assignment as a Command Master Chief. His son, Melvin G. Williams Jr., served from 1978 to 2010 with a final assignment as Commander, U.S. Second Fleet.

Their book describes how they navigated through the ranks by employing what they call the Seven Cs of leadership:Character, Competence, Courage, Commitment, Caring, Communicating, and Community.

The authors contend that their leadership principles can be learned, practiced, and refined for any profession.


The Navy’s Black Admirals
NASA’s Black Astronauts
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